While it’s known as a smart, sophisticated and eco-friendly city, Seattle has never been a hot spot for adventurous architecture like San Francisco or megatall residential towers like New York. But its strong economy and desirable climate have kept the population growing and the land developers building.

Small, boutique townhome developments are big business in Seatown and green features are as important as the bricks and beams that go into building these homes.

We compiled a list of the most interesting new homes in Seattle for you to peruse while you’re sipping your third Starbucks coffee of the day. Enjoy!


junction5_exterior_photo Located in West Seattle, the city’s oldest neighborhood, Junction5 is a collection of (you guessed it) five townhomes outfitted with a wide array of energy efficient and green friendly features like an on-demand condensing tankless water heater and WaterSense plumbing fixtures. The towns are set among the bustling West Seattle Junction scene, known for its extensive dining and shopping choices.


insignia_exterior_photo2 A classic condo complex and one of the few new residential developments under construction right now that will reach over 40 stories. Insignia is situated in central Seattle and will boast some seriously epic views of the Pacific. To top it all off, Bosa, the developer behind the project, is one of the industries most respected West Coast builders.

insignia interior
Passive + 3

passive + 3 One of the more adventurous designs coming to market in Seattle, Passive + 3 is an infill project consisting of only two townhomes. According to the builder, the project is designed to achieve the goals of Architecture 2030, an environmental advocacy group that hopes to reduce fossil fuel use to zero by 2030. Due to the site’s unique topography, the townhomes are terraced in a single structure. Color us intrigued…


Olive Townhomes

olive townhomes

Olive Townhomes is another townhouse development designed by b9 architects, the same firm behind Passive + 3. With eight other projects currently either planned or in registration, b9 is kind of a big deal in the Seattle new development scene. Fitting with its eco-friendly ideology, b9 is a member of 1% For The Planet, meaning the firm donates 1 percent of its gross sales to environmental organizations.

If the info they’ve released on Olive Townhomes is any indication, b9 takes the way residents of its project will interact with each other just as seriously as the its projects will interact with the surrounding environment. According to the firm, Olive Townhomes will create an environment for residents to have informal interactions “starting with the strong, long east-west entry sequence, which connects the street to the central courtyard and access to the below-grade parking.
olive townhomes exterior

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