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From artist Matthew Mazzotta comes “Open House,” a public art project in York, Alabama that looks like a regular house, but in reality is a 100-person performance space just waiting to be unfurled.

The townspeople and a local arts group got together to build the fold-out theater.

“It is a public space made from the remnants of a privately owned blighted property, like those that still litter the landscape across rural Alabama and so many other parts of America, urban and rural alike,” explains the Open House project website.

As Atlantic Cities points out, York is a small community that’s fallen on tough economic times. The median household income in the town of 3,000 people is only $19,153, less than half the national average.

Before creating the project, Mazzotta hosted a dialogue with community members.

“The conversation that followed highlighted participants’ love for York but also their frustration with the community’s loss of public space, the spread of blight and the lack of racially integrated and secular social spaces,” the project website continues.

Open House was designed to require the cooperation of at least four community members for it to be converted into its theater seating form.

Photo: ColemanArts

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