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For diehard 416-ers, Mississauga is a land of vast open spaces. But it’s no secret that the city is building more and more and there’s far less un-developed terrain left in the 905. We wanted to know: how much vacant land is left?

We thought we’d take Mississauga out of the shadow of the megacity and look into city data to see how land was being used. In 2013, 29.2 per cent of land in Mississauga was used for residential space, the biggest portion of land use throughout the suburb (tweet stat). The next largest use was for transportation right-of-way, which includes public and private roads, railway lines, provincial highways and associated utilities corridors.

As far as future building is concerned, among the 29,000-odd hectares of existing city land, only 1,443.4 hectares (or 4.94 per cent) is considered vacant or farmland (tweet stat).

More details, plus a break down of residential land uses below…

mississauga land use 2013

Mississauga land use residential

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