Meserole Street

It’s almost-twins!

Two new buildings — no relation — are coming to a block on Meserole Street in the eastern reaches of Williamsburg.

The projects at 139 and 143 Meserole will sprout on vacant lots sandwiching a three-story building.

The 139 Meserole project will be six stories and nine units. Located between Graham and Manhattan avenues, the development will be designed by The Redd Group, with 10,036 square feet of residential space. The building will have bicycle parking, storage and outdoor roof terraces, according to the plan exam application filed October 1st.

There were previous plans filed December 2012 to erect a five-story, 10-unit building on the lot, but the application was withdrawn earlier this year as the property changed owners. The site traded for $1.036 million in February.

The developer is Dragonfly Design Build LLC, which “focuses on small obsolete properties,” according to the company’s spartan Facebook page. “With attention to detail and creative design concepts, our business is to render the modern as in harmony with the classic.”

The second project, 143 Meserole Street, will be a six-story, 10-unit building, according to the plan exam application filed September 20th. The 2,500-square-foot lot sold earlier this summer to Kings Building Enterprises LLC for $650,000.

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