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The precocious internet entrepreneur and Facebook zillionaire is up to something in his ritzy Palo Alto neighbourhood.

According to San Jose Mercury News, Zuckerberg has purchased the four homes adjacent to his own five-bedroom residence. Rather than going to typical billionaire route and building a really, really big house, Zuck is leasing the existing homes back to the families that already live there.

The quirky move — which cost him $30 million — was aimed at preventing a land developer from buying one of the properties, building a huge house and marketing it as a home next door to Mark Zuckerberg a source told Mercury News.

Sounds like the tech wunderkind just wanted to maintain some privacy while at home.

Facebook also recently made headlines with the announcement that it partnered with St. Anton Partners to build a $120 million housing development near its Menlo Park, California headquarters.

The development will be the first major housing project in Menlo Park in 20 years (pent up demand, much?) and will contain 394 units. According to Atlantic Cities, the complex “could very well become a ‘Facebook Town.'”

St. Anton plans on marketing the apartments to Facebook employees first before releasing units to the general public.

Plenty of wealthy folks with money to spend dabble in real estate, but is this a sign that Zuckerberg has aspirations beyond founding, expanding and overseeing the IPO of a now Fortune 500 company?

Dude is ambitious is all we’re saying.

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