Just shy of breaking a record, the Realtors Association of Hamilton-Burlington (RAHB) counted 1,207 sales last month for an impressive 32.9 per cent increase from the same time last year. Just how close was the September tally from hitting a new high? Only one single sale. In September 2009, Hamilton counted 1,208 transactions.

The average sale price also saw a 6.7 per cent increase to $392,013. For residential properties, the average price went up by 8.5 per cent to $390,638. Freehold homes fared slightly better than condos. They moved up 10.1 per cent to a new average of $417,259, while condos saw a 7 per cent drop in prices with a new average price of $260,522.

There were 1953 properties listed in September, an increase of 5.8 per cent from last year. End-of-month listing inventory was 6.8 per cent lower than September 2012.

“Sales and listings for the month of September were both well above the 10-year average for the month,” said RAHB CEO Ross Godsoe in the news release. “Even though there was an almost-six per cent increase in listings, inventory continues to be lower than last year at this same time.”

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HAMILTON sales average 2013

Hamilton sales September  Photo: johncpiercy/Flickr

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