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Those who want to lead a healthier lifestyle should probably start by enhancing the features within their home. This month, award-winning builder Great Gulf opened the first Active House in Canada; a house design that promotes energy efficiency just as much as it does mental health and physical well being.

The Active House is located at Rolling Meadows in Thorold, Niagara, but the concept originated in Denmark. The two-storey home contains active systems that allow for the highest level of environmental sustainability. For instance, the filtration system recycles water, the heating is climate controlled, and the property boasts natural lighting and ventilation systems.

“We call it active because it’s like there’s a brain in the house,” says Karen Gold, Great Gulf’s Director of Marketing for Low-Rise. “It basically takes the control away from the human and gives it to the house, so that the house always optimizes, which allows for the greatest level of comfort.”

Take a peek at the Active House’s crisp and modern interior below:

active house

Buyers who don’t want to relocate, have no fear — you can still reproduce these systems into your existing home. Think of the Active House as a showpiece, says Gold, a property that one can seek environmental inspiration from. Interested? All of the systems within the home are now available for sale.

The developer partnered with renowned Toronto architecture firm Superkül to design the contemporary property. While most builders tend to place emphasis on eco-friendly features, Gold says Great Gulf is taking it one step further. The Active House improves the homeowners quality of life — from increased ventilation that improves sleep to mood-elevating natural lighting.

“When you put someone in an environment that has a lot more light and is very calming and has fresh air and clean water, not only do you feel better but your mood improves,” Gold says. “It’s a natural life enhancer. That’s the gift we want to give our buyers.”

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