rubber duck pittsburgh Remember the giant rubber duck that was splashing around Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour before it unceremoniously deflated mid-quack?

If not, click here to jog your memory. But if you do fondly recall the gigantic yellow bird that’s been the subject of a million Instagrams, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s been repaired and has made its way to the US.

Dutch artist Florentijn Hoffman’s 54 foot duck is now afloat in Pittsburgh’s Allegheny River near Point State Park as part of the Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts. The duck will remain in the Allegheny River through October 20th.

Check out this timelapse of the duck being inflated for a “dry run” prior to its US debut:

Giant Rubber Duck’s official Pittsburgh site is also hosting a slew of Instagram photos that showcase the duck in all of its quack and yellow glory:

giant rubber duck pittsburgh
florentijn hoffman duck We’re hoping to see the giant duck cross the entire continent. Hopefully its trip to Pittsburgh isn’t a one off!

See more of Florentijn Hoffman’s amazing public art here.


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