one thousand museum Scanning a list of the 21st century’s most acclaimed architects, you’d be hard-pressed to point to an architect who’s received more accolades than Zaha Hadid.

The British architect became the first female recipient of the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004 and two Stirling Prizes for her designs in 2010 and 2011. She’s been a Forbes Most Powerful Woman (in 2008) and was appointed a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2012.¬†That’s one long list of achievements!

Instead of condensing her focus, Hadid’s firm is continually branching out, collaborating with Swarovski on a chandelier design and shipbuilder Blohm + Voss on a superyacht. The firm has also created thought-provoking design exhibitions for galleries around the world.

For those who have yet to be exposed to Hadid’s work, we compiled a short rundown of some of our favorite works in progress. Of course a couple designs play into our proclivity for residential architecture while others are just too dazzling not to include.

Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Centre

zaha hadid abu dhabi 2 The performing arts center will house five theaters, an opera house and a concert hall in 62,770 square meters. It has been called one of the most important structures currently under construction in the Middle East. The firm’s website describes it as “a growing organism that spreads through successive branches which form the structure like ‘fruits on the vine.'”

Photo: Zaha Hadid Architects

BEKO Masterplan, Belgrade

Despite the lack of narration, the virtual tour manages to say a lot about the design. The proposal for Zaha Hadid Architects’ BEKO masterplan involves converting an old textile factory in Belgrade into a complex of apartments, offices and entertainment facilities. The design was presented during Belgrade Design Week 2013.

Video: Zaha Hadid Architects

One Thousand Museum, Miami

1000 Museum

One Thousand Museum is an 83 unit, 62 story development on Miami’s famous Biscayne Boulevard. Suite sizes range from 5,400 square feet to an impressive 11,000 square feet. Zaha Hadid’s name features prominently in the development’s marketing material and rightfully so — the design is unlike anything the Miami skyline has seen before. That’s it up at the top of the story too!

Renderings: Zaha Hadid

Astana EXPO – 2017 Future Energy

zaha hadid future energy

Hadid’s firm is facing some stiff competition in its quest to design the World Expo 2017 exhibition in Astana, Kazakhstan. Big names in the running include UNStudio, Safdie Architects and Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. The theme of the Expo is “Future Energy” and it will focus on bringing awareness of energy resources, energy efficiency and environmental protection issues and technologies.

Photo: Zaha Hadid Architects 

520 West 28th Street, New York City

520 west 28th street zaha hadid
The 11 story development is currently in preconstruction in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighbourhood. “With an arrangement that reinvents the spatial experience, each residence will have its own distinctive identity, offering multiple perspectives and exciting views of the neighborhood,” Hadid said in a statement.

Rendering: Zaha Hadid Architects

Chandelier design collaboration with Swarovski

zaha hadid chandelier

A unique collaboration between Zaha Hadid and the legendary Swarovski Crystal Palace, the chandelier design challenges preconceived notions of lighting design on a large scale. According to the firm’s website, the design draws inspiration from self-organizing systems and nanotechnology, redefining the chandelier.

Photo: Zaha Hadid Architects

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