melting house

For his latest public art project, “From The Knees Of My Nose To The Belly Of My Toes,” London-based artist Alex Chinneck reconstructed the facade of this abandoned four-level house in South East England to make it seem as though it’s sliding down the rest of the building like a limp poster.

According to PSFK, the piece was created to draw attention to derelict properties in the area that could be refurbished to provide housing to those in need — which is what will happen with the house after the exhibition closes next year.

Speaking to The Guardian, Chinneck says his work “is largely about surprise — taking something familiar and doing something with it that distorts our perception of the world around us.”

The home sat vacant for 11 years before Chinneck selected it as the site of his piece. Beyond his artistic talents, the man must also have a way with words. He was able to convince 10 British companies to donate all of the processes and materials required for the project.

See below for more photos and a video of the feverish and warped construction process…

townhouse alex chinneck alex chinneck townhouse alex chinneck townhouse 2

And here’s what the house looked like before Chinneck got his hands on it…

sliding house

Photos:, Google Street View

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