Last August, we told you about the Canadian expansion of Curbed, aka the “grandaddy of all real estate blogs.” The network of housing, design and real estate sites is launching today in Toronto and Vancouver, the largest and most buzzed about markets in the country.

Alana Charles, a freelance writer with a background in product design and book publishing, will be at the helm of Curbed Toronto. An Annex resident keen on architecture, Charles says, “My life is all about Toronto and exploring its neighbourhoods.”

Curbed Vancouver’s editor, Nicole Soloveoff, comes to the position from a different angle. Originally from the interior of British Columbia, Soloveoff moved to Vancouver six years ago and has been working in commercial real estate ever since. She’s excited to write about development, design and architecture.

“I think here in Vancouver we’re witnessing such a crazy development boom right now and it seems like nearly every week there’s a new tower announced or new sites that are being proposed for redevelopment. Everybody in Vancouver is so interested in what’s happening in their neighbourhoods,” says Soloveoff.

Charles and Soloveoff agree that the blogs will focus on neighbourhood news and what’s going on at street level. That’s what connects the widespread network of blogs, whether they’re in the United States or Canada.

“These sites are run by people who love their cities and love their neighbourhoods and you’re going to find that in Vancouver and Toronto and across every city in the US,” says Soloveoff.

Another Curbed Network property, Eater, also launched today, taking on the Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver food scenes.

Curbed Canada Photo: Phil Grondin/Flickr

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