While the pronunciation of ‘GIF’ may be disputed, there’s no denying that the animated images have a certain hypnotic quality. From moving murals to changing facades, we’ve compiled the best building-related GIFs out there.

Lightning strikes Chicago

chicago lightning Taken during a 2012 storm, this GIF captures near simulationous lightning strikes on three of Chicago’s four tallest towers: the Willis Tower, Trump Tower and John Hancock Center. Via: imgur

New York City skyline

New york city skyline These images of New York were taken by photographer Alejandro Perez and his mother 31 years apart, in 1982 and 2013. Via: Alejandro Perez

Trippy mural in Newcastle, England

trippy mural To create this GIF, UK artist INSA painted the mural once, took a photograph, and repainted the canvas for every subsequent frame. The laborious art form is appropriately called “GIF-itti.” Via: INSAland

Super art promotes local supergroup in Los Angeles, California

trippy mural 2 trippy mural 3 Commissioned for the launch of Atoms For Peace’s debut album, this GIF-itti in Los Angeles was also created by INSA in collaboration with artist Stanley Donwood. Via: INSAland

Kiefer Technic Showroom in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria

Kiefer Technic Showroom, Bad Gleichenberg, Austria The facade of Austria’s Kiefer Technic Showroom changes hourly, making it the perfect GIF subject. Via: imgur

Circling the CN Tower in Toronto

circling the CN tower How does one capture the CN Tower from the exact same distance from so many angles? The production company behind the animation explains in this YouTube video. Via: Hypnosf

Circling the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco

Transamerica Pyramid Candy Glass Production also has an entire spinning series on San Francisco’s iconic landmarks. Via: Hypnosf

Animated tower

animated tower To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the University of Health Sciences in Switzerland, artist Guillaume Reymond and more than 100 students, staff and volunteers turned this campus building into an architetural performance piece. Via: NotSoNoisy

Eiffel Tower construction

Eiffel tower construction If you enjoy seeing iconic buildings like the Eiffel Tower under construction, check out this photo series. Via: imgur

Russian construction fail

crane collapse russia We don’t need an animation to remind BuzzBuzzHome readers about the dangers of a crane collapse. Via: imgur

Burj Khalifa

Burj No building GIF roundup would be complete without a nod to the world’s tallest tower.Via: imgur

Banksy animated

banksy gif Serbian artist ABVH reinterpreted 12 of Banksy’s most famous works in GIF-form. Our favorite is his take on the “Rat Mural” in New York City. Via: ABVH


building gif Building gif tower collapse twin stack collapse Pretty self explantory. Four structures minding their own business when BOOM! Controlled demolision. Cute, but also kind of sad. Via: imgur

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