Tired of the bar scene? Then why not bring your cocktail and cava consumption to the comfort of your own home. For inspiration, we’ve put together a list of some of the most over-the-top wine rooms and at-home bars around. Please enjoy responsibly.

Atlanta Bar Home

The panelled at-home bar in this Atlanta, Georgia mansion feels like an ultra-private club from the days of derby hats and crinolines. We can imagine the master or mistress of the house throwing you out for requesting a vodka cooler in this old-school space. Photo: Realtor.com

Wine room

This New York home comes equipped with an eat-in wine cellar. We can only hope there’s a room next to it that’s entirely devoted to cheese. Photo: Sotheby’s Realty

texas bar

Forget shaky bar stools! This at-home bar in The Woodlands, Texas lets you lean back in luxury while having a tipple. Photo: Realtor.com

Florida Mansion Cadillac bar

But if you prefer more flash, there’s this Pink Cadillac bar in a Florida home. Photo: Zillow.com

Wine Chapel

In Texas, this surreal wine cellar in the home of designer Jamie Beckwith looks more like a futuristic wine chapel. Photo: Realtor.com

pool bar Hawaii

This Hawaii estate took its cue from luxury resorts and installed a bar right beside the infinity pool and hot tub. Photo: Zillow.com

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