We already know that New York is considered to be the world’s favourite city, but we’re going to presume the majority of people have yet to visit one of these fascinating locales that’ve been built (or are soon-to-be constructed) from scratch. From an island named after Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous adventure novel to an underground waste processing centre, these seven cities will bring your futuristic fantasies to life.

Songdo, South Korea
Forget unsightly garbage trucks and bins — this island, adjacent to Seoul, has a waste disposal system that sucks trash from your kitchen through a network of tubes. The super green city also plans to transform the waste into renewable energy. If you decide to visit, we suggest renting an electric car. Photo: inhabitat.com

songdo city

Waterfront City, Dubai
This city’s master plan was completed in 2008, with a series of islands and canals jutting out from its centre. The modern development plans to add another 1.5 million people to Dubai, almost doubling the population and creating about a million new jobs. Another highlight? The 44-storey sphere-shaped superstructure. Photo: dzooom.com

dubai waterfront city

Treasure Island, San Francisco Bay Area
This island may not be populated by pirates, but the urban community (named after Robert Louis Stevenson’s beloved read) boasts 8,000 housing units with over 300 acres of protected park space, complete with a sailing centre. On a more somber note, the city recently lost its financial backing, so we’ll have to see what happens. Blimey! Photo: skyscrapercity.com

treasure island

King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia
When a city is named after a king, the area must also be fit for royalty… especially since King Abdullah tossed $80 billion into the project. The city will hold a major seaport and large industrial area. If all goes as planned, it will be complete by 2020. Photo: playersbrief.com

king abdullah city

Malabo II, Equatorial Guinea
Apparently Malabo, the capital of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, was in need of a makeover. Malabo II is currently in the works and will become the capital’s new-and-improved equivalent. Government buildings will be relocated, and they’ll add in a few new stadiums and resorts. Photo: skyscrapercity.com

Malabo II
Masdar City, Abu Dhabi
Picture yourself zooming around in a self-driving pod through a city built on an elevated platform. This was supposed to be real life! Plans to build the first zero-waste city, situated in the Abu Dhabi desert, were unveiled in 2006, but the completion date keeps getting pushed back. Whether it exists in 2020 or 2050, sign us up for a visit. Photo: constructionweekonline.com

mascar city

Meixi Lake in Changsha, China
Nature lovers, take note: this 120-million square foot city proposed in Changsa, China by Coop Himmelblau is centred around a 40 hectare lake. It’s also brimming with mountains, parks and vibrant gardens. It’s one part city, one part natural reserve. Photo: archdaily.com via Coop Himmelblau

meixi lake in changsha

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