211 melrose exterior

With the many real estate listings online, few are as memorable as 211 Melrose, the property that’s giving away a Jaguar F-Type with purchase of the home. Couple that with extremely competitive pricing, and the home becomes the ultimate dream pad.

The contemporary residence in Ottawa’s Civic Hospital neighbourhood by Surface Developments is now priced at $1,095,000, a very competitive price in the bustling Ottawa market.

211 Melrose exterior

And it’s not just the luxury car that drives up its appeal. The 3,623-square-foot property boasts bold design with sophisticated finishes, like a spacious master bedroom with a secluded vista, and a modern glass ensuite. The refined features don’t end there — think quartz surfaces and a brightly-lit timber atrium.

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For more information call 613 222 9800 or email info@surfacedevelopments.com.

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