1. You’re no nutritionist but you’re pretty sure you’ll have scurvy by December if you don’t change your diet.

six-gummy-bears-and-scotch Image: Bite-Prod

2. That strict monthly budget you set? Yeah, you completely ignored it.


Image: Uproxx

3. You spent the whole day in front of the TV, but it feels weird not having someone there making you feel guilty about it.

red wine

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4. After three months of subsisting on beer and Diet Dr. Pepper, you’ve finally rediscovered water… and it tastes boring.

tiger drinking

Image: Memebase

5. You realize that keeping plants alive is more of a challenge than you ever could imagine.


Image: Tumblr

6. Have you really not put on pants for three whole days?

jerry no pants

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7. You’ll stop ordering pizzas when your dishes and cookware agree to unpack themselves.

30 rock

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8. You can only go on for so long wearing your D-list t-shirts before you finally NEED to schlep your dirty clothes to the laundromat.

wang computers

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9. “I’m at my most productive between 1:15am and 4:45am.”


Image: BavaTuesdays

10. Out of Kleenex? Use toilet paper. Out of toilet paper? Where’s the paper towel? Can’t find it? God help us…


Image: Tumblr

11. You noticed the bacteria on that moldy cheese in your fridge formed a functioning society. Now throwing it out is more of an ethical issue.

lisas tooth

Image: Tumblr

12. Bickering with your parents pales in comparison to passive-aggressive roommate drama. Trust.


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