Hundreds of thousands of homes go up for sale every year in Canada. They come in all shapes and sizes — and so do their price tags. But we don’t want to bore you with the mundane, so here are the five strangest listings from the last 12 months or so.

SOLD: Hobbit House, Vancouver

Vancouver hobbit houseOne of Vancouver’s two “hobbit houses” hit the market in May before being bought by local developer David Mooney in June. Luckily for local Lord of the Rings fans, Mooney hired a well-known heritage expert and entered into negotiations with the City to include the home in his plans to build a residential townhouse complex on the site. Photo: JayBanks

SOLD: 934 Ossington Avenue, Toronto

934 Ossington Ave torontoThis luxury home at 934 Ossington Avenue in Toronto was on the market for 16 months before being sold for $900,000 — $50,000 shy of the asking price. Why such a steal? Two years before the home finally sold in March, it’s believed to be where one of its previous owners, 49-year-old Allan Lanteigne, was beaten to death. On trial for the slaying is another of the home’s previous owners, Lanteigne’s ex-husband Demitry Papasotiriou. The couple bought the house in 2004 for only $375,000. The nearly $500,000 in net proceeds from the sale are being withheld from Papasotiriou while he stands trial for murder. Photo: Google Street View

ACTIVE: James Island, British Columbia

James IslandJames Island-1James Island-3James Island-4Located just off the coast of Central Saanich, secluded James Island has its own Jack Nicklaus designed golf course, western-themed village, white sand beaches and an airstrip. Currently owned by US billionaire Craig McCaw, the private island hit the market in June 2012 for $78 but has since dropped to $75 million. And while there is still no formal bid or live offer on the table, real estate agent Mark Lester recently told the Vancouver Province that he’s “receiving a lot of calls about James Island.” Still, we have to wonder how big the buyer pool is for a $75 million private island in a non-tropical locale. Photos: Sotheby’s International Realty

SOLD: Very tiny detached house, Toronto

Tiny house torontoToronto tiny houseThis tool shed-sized home on Toronto’s east end was listed for $229,000 last month — 70 per cent less than the average price of a detached home. But just last week, the National Post reported that the 230-square-foot former garage with no running water sold for the bargain price of $165,000. Hot plate not included. Photos: Google Street

ACTIVE: $38-million teardown/”fake” mansion, West Vancouver

West Vancouver teardown fake mansionThe West Vancouver home pictured on the left hit the market for a whopping $38 million back in February — the most expensive listing in Canada at the time. Besides the steep price tag, the other unusual thing about the listing was the way it was marketed. The original property ad included images of a guady mansion, pictured to the right, that was not actually part of the West Vancouver lot. This confused a number of media outlets who ran the photos thinking they were real. There was also some dispute as to whether or not the listing agent was forthright enough regarding the nature of the “fake” images. In any case, after corrections and clarifications were issued by the media, the real home, which by the agent’s own admission has “no value,” saw its price slashed. Seven months later, a new agent has the property listed for just $12.9 million. Photos: MclarenTeam

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