Okay. So the $1.7M Cold War era underground home in Las Vegas is ghastly and depressing. But you will be amazed at how striking a buried abode can be if designed skillfully. Behold, six subterranean homes that you don’t need to be a paranoid hermit to appreciate.

Tunnel villa, Switzerland

Underground home switzerlandUnderground home switzerland-1Underground home switzerland-2Underground home switzerland-3Designed by SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects, this tunnel-shaped home was built 72 feet (22 meters) into a slope on Switzerland’s Valsertal Valley. Huge windows at the entrance of the home showcase the bomb shelter-inspired concrete interios. Photos: SeARCH

Berber homes, Tunisia

Berber homeBerber home

Pictured above is Hotel Sidi Driss, a traditional sunken Berber building in the village of Matmata, Tunisia. Recognize it? That’s because it served as the boyhood home of Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars film. Overnight stays at Hotel Sidi Driss cost only $10, just watch out for Sand People. Photos: gallivant, PropStore

Cave house, Missouri

Cave house MissouriThis two-storey, three-bedroom home in Festus, Missouri was built inside of a 15,000-square foot sandstone cave. The smartly designed home is naturally inslulated, eliminating the need for a furnance or air conditioning. The exposed sandstone walls give the interior a very Flinstones-like feel. Photos: Inhabitat

Malator, Wales

Malator WalesMalator-1MalatorThe Malator, or Teletubby House as it’s known locally, blends into the hills that overlook St. Brides Bay in Wales. Inside, colorful prefabricated pods separate each living space. Photo: idesign->>Hamish/Flickr

Earth House Estate, Switzerland

earth house estate switzerlandearth house estate switzerland-1earth house estate switzerland-3earth house estate switzerland-4Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse in Dietikon, Switzerland is as close to a real-life Shire as you’ll find. Ceiling windows help fill the three- to seven-bedroom homes with light while residents use the underground parkade to come and go. Photos: Architizer

Aloni, Greece

Alonialoni-1aloni-3aloni-4From Deca Architecture, ‘Aloni’ on the Greek island of Antiparos looks more like a retaining wall than a home. The structure’s four courtyards seperate the interior into five uniquie living spaces while flooding the house with natural light. Photos: designboom

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