You’ve seen our favorite bathtub designs, but today we’re standing up for showers. You know, because not everyone likes to brine in their own filth.

Overhanging cruiseship shower

Ship showerThis cantilever shower on the Celebrity Reflection line of cruiseships hangs out over the side of the vessel, giving bathers incredible views of the ocean. Passing fisherman, meanwhile, enjoy revealing views of the bather. Photo: imgur

Indoor-outdoor shower

indoor-outdoor showerToo shy to strip naked and cleanse yourself outdoors in torrential downpour? This indoor shower with an outdoor feel is the next best thing to bathing in the rain. Photo: imgur

Central shower

doorless showerIf you pay top dollar for a custom-built shower there’s no sense tucking it away in the corner. Install that bad boy in the center of the action to ensure all bathroom guests take notice. Photo: imgur

Uncovered shower

uncovered showerExposing your shower to the elements is not only a nice design twist, it also allows you to conserve water during the rainy season. Photo: imgur

Doorless shower

open showerIf you slope your bathroom floor and install a couple of floor drains then you can have a doorless shower. Include a handheld showerhead in the design and cleaning your bathroom becomes a quick and easy chore. Photos: Houzz

Versace mansion party shower

party showerThis six-person “party” shower is part of Casa Casuarina, the infamous Versace Mansion in Miami Beach that just sold at an auction for $41.5 million. An opulent Turkish bath with a YMCA lockeroom-feel? Totally worth it. Photo: imgur

Jet lag-fighting shower

delta jet lag showerAs we reported earlier this year, weary plane passengers enter their travel information into Delta’s jet lag-fighting photon shower before stepping into the chamber. Once inside, they are bathed in a particular light sequence that mimics the effects of sunlight, which according to researchers, can reset the body’s biological clock to overcome the effects of skipping time zones. Photo: Fast Company

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