Whether we like it or not, September marks the end of the summer. Yes, that’s right. It’s time to winterize that lavish floating summer home. The good news is the increasingly cold weather doesn’t mean there aren’t other water-based luxuries to enjoy. Ease into the fall season with these seven amazing hot tub designs.

Luxema 8000 Swim Spa

Gaint hot tub Gaint hot tub-2 As you can see the, the Luxema 8000 is larger than many big city apartments. The dual-compartment hot tub boasts a flat screen TV and a six-person lounge to enjoy it from. If you’re a fan of bubbles, then you’ll also love the spa’s 130 jets. Photos: Spambient

Hot tub boat

Hot Tub boat “I’m on a boat — and in a hot tub!” is what you’ll be saying as you lounge in this bad boy. The hot tub boast comes equipped with a waterproof stereo system, four coolers, a ladder to climb in and out of the surrounding water, and a  24-volt electric motor controled by a joystick at the back of the vessel. Photo: Hammacher

Suspended hot tub

Construction d'un jaccuzzi suspendu, 50 m sous le pont suspended hot tub-1 It’s not the design of this tub that makes it so impressive as it is its location, suspended from Switzerland’s New Gueuroz bridge 492 feet (150 meters) off the ground. It took about 2,500 hours to plan and execute the hanging hot tub stunt, all so eight lucky bathers could soak for two and a half hours. Photos: jaccuzzi.ch

Igloo hot tub

igloo hot tub

Every season seven igloo villages are built high atop some of the world’s most exclusive ski villages in Andorra, Switzerland and Austria. The hot tubs at the boutique ice hotels are airlifted to the top of the mountains by helicopter and lowered into roofless igloos for incredible star-gazing opportunities. Photo: imgur

Sci-Fi Hot Tub

floating hot tub floating hot tub-1 Artists Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich’s designed their “Sci-Fi Hot Tub” as a floating inflatable iceberg. It’s large enough to hold four people in ridiculous hats but probably not durable enough to support an Artic polar bear. Photos: kielderartandarchitecture


dutchtub DutchClub-1 The coolest thing about the Dutchtub, besides the fact that it looks like a giant teacup, is that it’s an easily transportable 150 pounds. And a wood fire with a little natural circulation is all it will take to keep this puppy warm. Photos: Dutchtub

Hot tub with a view

Hot tub view Let’s be honest, even the simplest of hot tubs is a treat in the right environment. The only astonishing thing about this standard spa is its view of Norway’s northern lights — more than enough to earn it a spot on our ranking of the hottest hot tubs. Photo: imgur

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