Tokyo National Stadium

The recent announcement that Toyko will host the 2020 Olympic Games left locals in tears (of joy), and the rest of the world in awe of the venue design. The new Tokyo National Stadium was designed in 2012 by Zaha Hadid Architects, and will soon become the central hub for the Olympic Games.

The futuristic shape of the stadium resembles a giant spaceship — and by giant we mean large enough to fit 80,000 people. Not to mention, it will feature a retractable roof and sports eco-friendly design. The new stadium will also be steeped in history as it’s standing in place of the old venue, which hosted the Tokyo Olympics in 1964.

Though the design appears to be something plucked from a sci-fi film, that’s also why we love it. Let’s see how the Tokyo National Stadium compares to other impressive arenas in Japan.

1. Tokyo Dome
The Tokyo Dome is dubbed the “Big Egg” of the city, though we’re pretty sure you’re going to want to crack open its walls and visit the neighboring amusement park.


Tokyo Dome at night
2. Fujieda City Stadium
If you’re not big on concrete, this 13,000 seat stadium has two grass terraces to lounge on. We bet some visit just to admire the mountainous view instead of watch the soccer match.

Photo: Sh@tei/Flickr

Fujieda City Stadium

3. The Osaka Stadium
This is arguably the most impressive stadium in Japan, only it isn’t actually a stadium anymore. The abandoned Osaka Stadium was once home to Japan’s Nankai Hawks baseball team, but after they relocated, it became a popular shopping centre with a sample housing show ground in the centre. Talk about utilizing deserted space.


Osaka Stadium Japan


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