Touchstone on Lake Muskoka Cottage

If you’re looking to own a vacation home in Bracebridge, it’s best to act quickly. Touchstone On Lake Muskoka has recently sold 80 of its fractions through a three month long online auction this summer, and only three residences remain for sale.

The last three luxury Treetop Villa cottages are being sold on a first-come-first-serve basis, and are priced at $68,750.

It’s clear the online auction route is a favourite among potential buyers, since it provides the option to bid from home. Not to mention it’s a preferred alternative to strenuous, in-person bidding wars.

“Because of the transparent structure of the online auction and the timing of the three rounds, we were able to generate a near sell-out with no rescissions,” said Manson Slik, a real estate broker and partner at Gordon’s Estate Services, which is the company that managed the auction.

“Collectively, this was one of our top 10 most challenging projects, which makes it an even bigger Canadian success story.”

In fractional ownership, each cottage is divided into eight six- or seven-week fractions. So you’ll own a share of the cottage and still have access to all of the amenities, like the infinity pool and luxury spa. But unlike a timeshare, the unit is registered in the purchaser’s name.

If you’re still yearning to spend time in one of these sought-after units, it’s not too late!

For more information contact 705 641 4016.

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