Have a surreal drink in a club designed by David Lynch
silencio paris

Clubs catering to those working in “creative” industries aren’t exactly a novel concept. Silencio’s high profile and highly unusual designer, surrealist filmmaker David Lynch, ensures that this Parisian club’s main claim to fame isn’t its zealously enforced creatives-only admittance policy.

Gold-leaf walls and 1950s style furniture are two decor highlights from Lynch’s only foray into the nightlife scene. It’s members-only before midnight and although it’s theoretically open to everyone after midnight, the doormen, like the club’s clientele, are notoriously elitist. If you can get in, you’re in for a serious trip down the rabbit hole. Photo: Design Boom

Dine while fish swim overhead
Ithaa inside

Ithaa in the Maldives Islands raises the bar within the aquarium restaurant scene by giving diners a true undersea experience. Located 16 feet below sea level, the restaurant allows guests to take in a panoramic underwater view while dining on lobster carpaccio and yellow tail king fish. The restaurant was constructed in Singapore and transported on a barge to its remote location on the Indian Ocean. Photo: Wikimedia

Eat at a Bring Your Own Fish restaurant
sai kung

A corkage fee is one thing, but how many restaurants let you bring your own fish? If you live near Sai Kung Town in Hong Kong’s Eastern New Territories area, this type of dining experience is commonplace. Some restaurants let you BYOF and simply charge a cooking fee plus the cost of rice, vegetables and tea. The BYOF concept also gets a lot more appealing when you can buy your fish fresh from boats at the dock and bring it still flopping into the restaurant of your choice. Photo: Roboppy/Flickr

Spend some quality time with a dozen cats
cat cafe

There are over 30 “cat cafes” in Tokyo with many more located in other major Japanese cities. The undeniably adorable concept is beginning to catch on in Europe, where cafes have opened in Vienna, Budapest and Munich. The idea is simple: pay a cover fee (typically hourly) to play with a gang of furr-riendly cats. Claritin not included. Photo: sprklg/Flickr

Eat Tex Mex and drink craft beer at the movies

alamo drafthouse The first Alamo Drafthouse Cinema was opened in Austin, Texas in 1997 with the simple goal of creating a theatre for movie fans by movie fans. Thankfully, this goal also involved serving what is surely some of the finest food on offer at any theatre in the world with beer from local breweries to wash it down. Alamo Drafthouses have opened in other American cities because surprisingly, people really, really like drinking beer and eating Tex Mex while watching Re-Animator and The Big Lebowski. Who’d have thought? Photo: Alamo Drafthouse Facebook

Hit a multi-story arcade
taito hey The ubiquity of gaming consoles in America’s homes has assured the demise of the neighborhood video game arcade. This is not the case in Japan, where gamers still congregate in arcades across the country. Taito HEY, one of Tokyo’s largest arcades, is several stories and boasts an unparalleled variety of shooters, fighters and games where you pick up small dolls with large cranes. Bored? Just head over to the next arcade down the street. There’s like five of them on the block. Photo: Will Hynes/Flickr

Climb into and slide out of a dragon
dragon playground Western-style playgrounds are fun and all, but where’s the imagination? This dragon slide in Toa Payoh, Singapore has got imagination to spare and isn’t short on fun either. Photo: Xcode/Flickr

Don’t tip your robot waiter
robots The Dalu Robot Restaurant in Jinan, China has six custom designed robot servers built to resemble classic 1950s sci-fi bots. Robots don’t cook the food (their food is a little greasy), but they do serve drinks and meals to the restaurant’s patrons by riding bicycles on a track up to the various tables. Photo: News.au.com

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