the neighbourhoods of mount pleasant 1 This summer, The Neighbourhoods of Mount Pleasant in Brampton has been capturing the attention of buyers with its new affordability program.

Rosehaven Homes launched the plan as a less stressful alternative to home ownership. No down payment is required, except for an initial deposit of $6,000. After that, you’ll make a monthly payment of $1,600. If you’re interested in a freehold townhome, there are a variety to choose from, with prices starting at $380,000 for up to 1,903 square feet.

The freehold townhomes boast polished oak staircases, copper detailing and modern glass showers. Not to mention, if you’re an avid gardener, it won’t take long to feel at home — each property holds plenty of space to plant vibrant floral and shrubbery in the front yard.

Don’t forget to strap on those hiking boots; from scenic parks to woodland trails, Mount Pleasant is the perfect location for a midday autumn stroll. The area is also peppered with sleek cafes and shops, so everything you’ll ever need is only a short stride away.

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