New York City The world is still in love with New York City. Ipsos Mori, a UK-based research company, conducted an extensive survey with more than 18,000 people in 24 countries around the world to discover how 48 world cities stacked against one another. The survey was broken down into three sections: the best city to do business in, visit, and live. New York’s overall score took the lead.

London and Paris snagged the second and third spots, respectively, and Toronto ranked 12th overall.

To break it down further, Toronto is considered the 14th best place for business, and the sixth best city in the world to live. However, Torontonians may be surprised to learn that the city landed 19th in the “best place to visit” category. We anticipate more food trucks to pop-up in the future.

Zurich, Switzerland is officially the best place to live in the world. That’s no surprise, considering it’s a leading global city, and the picturesque lakes and snow-capped mountains aren’t a bad perk, either. New York came in miles ahead as the world’s most preferred city to do business.

Paris is hailed as the world’s best city to visit, but isn’t a sought-after business location. Global citizens also seem to be waving au revoir to Paris as a stable living option. This begs the question: is Paris the best city to spend money, rather than make it? Even those in Europe rated Paris lower in both the “best city to live” and “do business” categories.

Vancouver and Calgary, two Canadian cities recently ranked among the top five in the world for livability by the Economist Magazine, were shut out of the Ipsos Mori ranking.

The study also narrowed its findings down to the views from each country. Canadians voted Toronto as the best city overall, with New York falling close behind. New York was also voted as Canada’s favourite location to do business. Yet Toronto will forever steal the hearts of Canadians— it’s still our favourite place in the world to live.

The US, on the other hand, voted New York as the best city overall, and Toronto as the fourth best city to reside in.

Perhaps one of the most interesting findings in the study relates to Toronto’s Echo Boomer explosion. While Generation Y has flocked to the downtown core, the Ipsos study reveals that older citizens are the ones who really prefer to live in the city. Those aged 50-64 voted Toronto as the third best city in the world to live in, while Zurich and Sydney occupy the top two spots, respectively. As for the under-35s, Toronto didn’t make the cut. For them, it was London, New York, and Paris that came out on top.

Here’s a more detailed look at the study’s findings:

Ipsos' top cities

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