Canada's most expensive real estate deal fairmont pacific rim

Is a Middle Eastern prince behind Canada’s most expensive real estate deal ever?

Global News reports that the individual who purchased Vancouver’s Fairmont Pacific Rim penthouse for $25 million in June also bought three sub-penthouses in the Coal Harbour building for a total sale of $55 million.

“They wanted the best of the best, and the Fairmont suited them,” property manager Cameron Fazli told Global. “It is five-star, it is in a great location, amazing views, it is new, it is ultra-luxury. It is exactly what they wanted, and that’s what they got.”

Fazli wouldn’t confirm or deny reports that the buyer is a prince from the Middle East, but did admit the condos were paid for with straight cash, baby.

Still, we can’t help but wonder if this really counts as Canada’s richest real estate transaction. What if all the units weren’t purchased at once? Does that matter, or is it just semantics?

Another thing we’d be interested in knowing: how much commission did the Realtor make on the deal?! Somebody’s having a good year, that’s for sure.

Click here for more photos of the Fairmont Pacific Rim penthouse.

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