bambino expo city Sometimes you stumble upon a real estate marketing campaign that just nails it. The Cortel Group‘s “Your bambino is older than you think” promotion for its Expo City project in Vaughan is one of those campaigns.

When you land on the Expo City website, it’s the first thing you see and it definitely makes an immediate impression, hooking you into reading more.

The campaign was dreamed up by Toronto-based ad agency Blackjet to amplify the project’s to first time buyers and young couples looking to move out of their parents’ homes.

“Many first time buyers and young couples are having difficulty finding the perfect home that is both their own space and close enough to their parents,” said Peter Cortellucci, VP Development at Cortel Group.

“Many of them are looking in the Vaughan region, yet are not finding anything affordable enough. That’s where our 5 per cent down limited time offer comes into play.”

Cortellucci believes Expo will appeal to this demographic because of its downtown vibe, spacious suites and appealing down payment incentive.

“Plus parents won’t have to worry about them moving too far away,” he said. Nothing like having your bambino close to home, but not too close.

This is definitely one of the most entertaining, yet effective campaigns we’ve seen in awhile. Kudos to Blackjet and Cortel Group!

expo city

For more info on Expo call 905 597 7877. 

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