We’ve told you which canines make the best condo companions, but what about your pet’s needs? What sort of home would they like to live in? Probably one of these incredible dog houses, which run the gamut from the lavish to the modern.


High end dog house Named for the Southern home it’s modeled after, the Alabama dog house boasts imposing entrance pillars and a removable roof and dormer for easy cleaning. Photo: BestFriendsHome


dog house under stairs Sure, you love your dog, but that doesn’t mean their space needs to invade your own. Give your pet a plush lobster and they’ll be more than happy to keep tabs on the family from their hideout under the stairs. Photo: Reddit

Log cabin

dog house log cabin For the rugged pooch, the log cabin with dual undermount dog bowl cannot be beat. Photo: imgur


modern dog house modern dog house-1 When man’s best friend prefers the modern get them the Cubix, which offers plenty of natural light and a floating roof with a built-in water drainage system. Photos: BestFriendsHome

Celebrity custom

Celebrity dog house According to the $30,000 listing on BeyondTheCrate.com, this lavish dog house was custom built for a celebrity and includes amenities such as running water, interior lighting, air conditioning and heat. Woof. Photo: BeyondTheCrate

Glass house

Transparent dog house If your dog is an attention-starved showoff, then they’ll want an audience for everything they do. Even taking a nap. The transparent dog house should suit their needs.  Photo: DogIsAGod


fairytale dog house If your dog is comfortable enough in their own fur, perhaps they’ll enjoy living in a home that looks like it belongs in a Disney princess cartoon. Photo: ClassyDog

Green roof

green roof dog house For the earthy breed, put a roof over their head that’s both lush and environmentally-friendly. Photo: Dog-Milk


temple dog house If you worship your pet enough to buy it sleeping quarters that costs thousands of dollars you may as well have it live in a temple. Photo: DogIsAGod

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