DIY household items

UK-based designer David Steiner turned his house into a factory and became a master of home gadgetry. Using common household appliances and fixtures, Steiner was able to create everything from cutlery to serving trays.

For example, this lampshade was cut from a baking tray with scissors before being pressed into form using a door jam.

DYI lamp

Then there’s the sugar paste cup, which was molded using a mixer as a pottery wheel.

DYI cup

Speaking to Dezeen, Steiner said that he wanted to show what he could create with things he already owned.

“The project began as an experiment in self-sufficiency, to some extent a reaction against the growing prevalence of desktop digital manufacture,” Steiner said.

Sounds like he isn’t too hot on 3D-printing. Watch Steiner’s DYI factory in action below.

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