Bright N Green exterior

The full official site is out for eco-rapturous Bright N’ Green in Brighton Beach.

Located at 67 Brighton First Lane, the Robert Scarano-designed passive house will have six condos and commercial space on the ground floor. The nearly complete development, expected to achieve LEED Platinum Certification, is fitted with solar panels, wind turbines on the roof and geothermal-based heating and air conditioning systems.

The “affordable, sustainable, responsible” development will use reclaimed rainwater for toilet flushing, plant irrigation and general building maintenance. There’s also green roof planting, and forget about traditional bulbs — Bright N’ Green is LED lighting only.

The builders used products from American companies, including insulated panels from New Orleans-based Oceansafe, Infinity series windows from Minnesota’s Marvin Windows and Doors, countertops from Brooklyn’s Icestone and cabinetry from Pennsylvania’s Roburn, according to Multi-Housing News.

Dive into detailed diagrams of the building’s cooling, heating and plumbing systems here.


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