bicycle elevator

In today’s busy world who has the time to climb a cumbersome rope ladder to gain entry into their luxury treehouse? No one. That’s why 22-year-old Idaho man Ethan Schlussler imagined the bicycle-powered elevator.

“As soon as I came up with the idea, I knew I had to make it a reality,” Schlussler told ABC News.

So he went to work modifying his bike by welding pieces of scrap metal to the frame and attaching points and pulleys. He then used an old water heater tank as a counterweight and voila! He was gaining entry into his 30-foot treehouse in a fraction of the time.

But while Schlussler’s invention may seem like it would work for your private condo balcony… For the sake of your personal safety and standing within the strata council, we must advise: don’t even try it.

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