Bathtub touchscreen

Who needs a waterproof smartphone when you can turn your entire bathtub into a touchscreen?

Well, people who like to tweet in the shower, we suppose — but there’s still something to be said about interactive standing water!

And that’s why, dear readers, researchers at Tokyo’s Koike Laboratory developed Aquatop, a computing system that transforms the surface of bathwater into an interactive screen using a projector and a Microsoft Kinect system.

“By dipping your fingertips into the water, your digits become cursors,” explains an article on DVice. “You can play games, organize photos and watch videos. You can even delete content from your computer by reaching up from under the surface of the water, grabbing the offending content by its icon, and sinking it beneath the waves,” the piece continues.

For now, Aquatop is only a prototype but we imagine it won’t be long before a commercial version begins flooding bathtubs across the globe, ensuring that there is no place left in the real world to escape the digital world.

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