300 West 122nd Street A mixed-use building is gaining steam at 300 West 122nd Street in Harlem.

The 13-story, 169-unit development by RGS Holdings will have retail on the ground floor. The “Ladera” project landed a $8 million bridge loan in March, and construction is scheduled to begin within the next year, says this press release.

According to this Schedule A filing from December 2010, there will be recreation space on the roof and apartments starting on the third floor.

The project has been sponsored by the city’s FRESH program, which encourages neighborhood grocery stores in underserved areas, so we’re going to reasonably assume that the retail will entail foodstuffs.

Founded in 2001 by Hans Futterman, RGS Holdings focuses exclusively in Harlem. The firm developed a condo at 2280 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, called 2280 FDB. The 12-story, 89-unit project commanded the highest prices in Harlem in January 2010 to June 2011, with an average closing price of $736 per square foot.

The RGS Holdings site discloses little about the “Ladera” project, except for a rendering. Mystery!

Rendering: RGS Holdings

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