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Chinatown’s 188 Keefer is quickly proving itself to be one of the most sought-after residential developments in Vancouver, especially with those looking for their first home.

In fact, the majority of podium home purchasers at 188 Keefer are first-time buyers, a fact that can be credited in part to the flexible five per cent deposit option and prices that start at just $239,900.

Then there’s the emerging Chinatown community that the development calls home, an area that is welcoming more trendy shops, restaurants and cafes all the time.

Magnum sales representative Ben Amzaleg says buyers like the idea of getting in on the ground floor of a community that’s being revitalized.

“They love the fact that Chinatown is poised for growth more than any other area in the city,” Amzaleg is quoted as saying on Magnum’s blog.

Despite the highly successful sales program, there are still great homes available in both the podium and tower portions of the project. To learn more about the remaining units visit the presentation centre at 190 Keefer Street between 12pm and 6pm Saturday through Thursday.

For more information call 604 620 2018, email or visit their website here.

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