2220 Kingsway Westbank

Westbank, one of the most notable residential real estate developers in North America, is bringing an amazing new project to South Kingsway in Vancouver, and it promises to be surprisingly affordable.

Located on the former Canadian Tire site at 2220 Kingsway, Kensington Gardens is a master-planned community that will offer shops and services, amazing amenities, an anchor tenant supermarket and much more.

And of course, the area surrounding the multi-building development is as cool as it is eclectic, teaming with different cultures, restaurants and stores.

Kensington Gardens will also boast amazing views of Vancouver (shown above) and have easy access to downtown while remaining its own separate hub.

The condo project is currently in preconstruction, but would-be homebuyers are encouraged to register now to gain access to information, photos and some exciting opportunities before the general public.

For more information call 604 620 7886 or visit their website here.

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