cronut burgerUPDATE 10:40am: CP24 has tweeted that Epic Burgers and Waffles will no longer sell the cronut burger (RIP) and will stop doing business with the maple bacon jam supplier.

Original story: It was the maple bacon jam!

In an official release published this morning on the City of Toronto’s website, Toronto Public Health identified the guilty ingredient that caused 223 people to become ill at the CNE between August 16 and August 20.

“New lab results indicate that the maple bacon jam, which is one component of the cronut burger, is the cause of food-borne illnesses at the CNE,” said Dr. David McKeown, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health. “We have ensured the contaminated product is not served. There is no risk to the public.”

Le Dolci, the supplier of the maple bacon jam, has agreed to halt production of the gastrointestinal havoc-wreaking condiment.

So the cronut will be making a comeback. Epic Burgers and Waffles will be permitted to re-open at the CNE today as long as they skip adding the maple bacon jam to what Gawker dubbed the “Poison Stupid Donut Burger from Hell.”

The question is: can the cronut’s popularity endure through the recent media s#@$storm (pun intended). Do you have the courage to return to Epic Burgers and Waffles to order this not-so-hot-anymore commodity?

We’ll probably pass… Here’s that video of one of our team members enjoying the culinary abomination (he did not get sick):

Photo: LexnGer/Flickr

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