Germaphobes riding public transit, rejoice — now there’s a portable handle that makes the commuting experience a little cleaner.

The Rail Reach is a lightweight plastic device that clasps onto any hand rail, allowing commuters to hold on without directly touching the (dirty, dirty) metal. Created by Bay Area designer Justin Choy, the 30-gram tool folds up into a compact size that can be tossed into a purse or bag; the handle is covered with soft rubber material for grip and comfort. The hook is also lined with rubber to securely grasp the rails.

The tool can also be used by commuters who may be too short to comfortably reach those pesky overhead rails. The current design can support riders weighing up to 200 pounds.

The Rail Reach comes in two sizes for $10 or $15, and there’s also a version with a mirror for $20. Fancy straphangers can opt for the Rail Reach in silver chrome for $100.

Rail Reach mirror

Choy is funding the device through Kickstarter; the project needs to reach its goal of $35,000 by September 17th.

Would the Rail Reach motivate you to ditch your subway gloves and hand sanitizer?

Photo: Rail Reach on Kickstarter

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