delta airlines People aren’t only checking their bags before they board a flight, they’re also “checking in” to the airport via Facebook Mobile.

Socialbakers, a social media marketing firm, has used Facebook’s new Graph Search feature to find out what locations Facebook Mobile users are checking into most frequently.

The results show that users love broadcasting their whereabouts when they’re preparing to travel.

The research showed that of the 50 most popular locations for check-ins on Facebook, 37 locations are airports, with Los Angeles’ LAX earning the auspicious title of “most checked in location.”

In fact, Home, Pennsylvania and Disneyland were the only locations in the top 10 that were not airports.

And, to quickly answer that burning question, no, the residents of Home, Pennsylvania aren’t the most avid users of Facebook Mobile. The much more believable theory is that most people checking in to “Home” were merely trying to let their friends know that they were home. Home, West Virginia and Home, Kansas also earned spots within the top 50.

Only four sports venues made the list and all of them were baseball stadiums: the San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park was in the 26th spot, the Rangers Ballpark in the 34th, Yankee Stadium in the 46th and Dodger Stadium in the 50th.

The top 10 list of places checked-into most as of August 13, 2013 are…

1. Los Angeles International Airport

800px-Lax_sign Photo: Wiki Commons

2. Facebook Palo Alto

398px-Facebook_HQ Photo: Wiki Commons

3. Chicago O’Hare International Airport

6813692337_14527ac9d8 Photo: Nicola since 1952/Flickr

4. San Francisco International Airport

800px-San_Francisco_International_Airport_International_Terminal Photo: Wiki Commons

5. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

400px-DFWSkylinkStation Photo: Wiki Commons

6. Home, Pennsylvania

b76f984340a64e44b628a795cea76577 Photo: Pinterest

7. Hong Kong International Airport


Photo: Wiki Commons

8. Denver International Airport


Photo: Wiki Commons

9. Disneyland


Photo: Pinterest

10. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport


Photo: Wiki Commons keeps their up-to-date rankings of the most popular check-in locations here.

Photo: dolceluxury/Flickr

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