When we interviewed three of Toronto’s top real estate agents to find out how to be a successful Realtor, each agent said Realtor fashion plays a big part in being a top tier agent.

We’re not fashionistas, so instead of doling out style advice ourselves, we interviewed popular Toronto-based Personal Stylist, Lisa McLatchie.

Lisa and her fashion expertise have been featured on many of Canada’s most popular TV news outlets, including The Morning Show, CMT, Rogers TV and Daytime. She’s also been featured in several publications, including The Vancouver Sun, Metro and Canadian Living.

We asked Lisa for a few fashion tips every Realtor should consider before pounding the pavement and meeting clients.

In the first part of the interview, Lisa talks about some major fashion faux pas, how to feel comfortable in business attire and accessorizing.

Enjoy and when you’re finished, watch part two!

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