See, the thing about giant man-made structures is that they’re often made with metal, making them easy target practice for ol’ Zeus. Savvy builders put lightning rods on top of their constructions to prevent fire and electrocution, so instead of severe injury, we end up with some pretty electrifying photo opportunities. Here are some of the most amazing shots of buildings getting hit by bolts.

CN Tower CN Tower lightning Photo: Daily Mail

The Vatican The Vatican lightningt Photo: imgur

Eiffel Tower eiffel-tower-lightning Photo: AtBreak

Burj Khalifa burj khalifa lightning-1 Photo: PoeticIslam/Tumblr

Bay Bridge Bay Bridge lightning Photo: imgur

Willis Tower Willis tower lightning Photo: Business Insider

Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty Photo: BBC

Space Needle Space needle lightning Photo:

Empire State Building Empire State building lightning Photo: Dan Nguyen/Flickr

Q1 Tower Q1LightningStrike Photo: FitForPublicConsumption

Blue Water Bridge lightning blue water bridge Photo: imgur

Bank of America Plaza dallas lightning strike Photo: Justin Terveen/Flickr

Non-structural bonus: Grand Canyon lightning grand canyon Photo: Imgur

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