From deserted cities to the interiors of mega-tall buildings, Google Street View camera’s are finding their way into more and more interesting places. But sometimes the most compelling thing about the imagery isn’t the location, but the scenes they capture. From gun-toting children to prowling parking lot tigers, here are some of the most insane spectacles found on Google Street View.

The birth of a baby on a German street.

Google Street View baby birth (Read more about this insanity here.) Photo: imgur

The middle of a race in California.

Google Street View car race (Jump into the action here.)

A tiger on the prowl in Boulder, Colorado.

Google street view tiger Photo:

A backyard barbecue gone awry in Ontario.

Google Street View fire

Via Reddit

A naked man in the trunk of a car.

SCREENSHOT Streetview / Google Photo: CNet

The world’s biggest Toblerone.

lady toblerone Google Street View Via Reddit

A jailbreak.

Google Street View car race Via Reddit

A man casually brandishing an assault weapon in Russia.

Google street view ak-47 Photo: imgur

Risky car repairs.

car repair google street view Photo: Google-Street-View-The-World

Gun-toting toddlers.

Google Street view kids guns Photo: Google-Street-View-The-World

A marriage proposal.

marriage proposal google street view Photo: MarryMeLeslie

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