Lego Tower

The Red Clay School District in Delaware is ready for the record books with its 112 foot, nearly one ton Lego tower. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the tower of toy bricks at John Dickinson High School is the tallest ever thanks to its total height of 112 feet, 11 ¾inches.

According to Delaware Online, more than 500,000 of the little plastic bricks make up the pillar and students held a “brick drive,” threw fundraisers and canvassed for donations in order to make the massive undertaking happen.

Students at every school in the district worked on the tower at the end of the last school year and over the summer. In the last few days as the segments came together, volunteer contractors placed the pieces together with using cranes and lifts.

Since the district organizes a theme for the first few months of the new school year, they decided on the Lego Tower as a nod to the recent school-wide renovation campaign.

But what does the Lego skyscraper look like up close?

Ralph Storner, a student who helped build some exterior, was quoted in the newspaper as saying, “Wow. Just — wow.”

Photo: Still from video

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