online shopping Canadians have been slower to embrace online shopping than consumers in other countries, according to a study commissioned by coupon site RetailMeNot.

The international study revealed that 22 per cent of Canadians never buy anything online, compared to 6 per cent of Germans and Brits and 12 per cent of Americans.

Chinese consumers were the most enthusiastic online shoppers, with only 4 per cent of respondents saying they never bought anything online.

Canadians were also less likely to look for deals and offers on products online and visit price comparison websites.

“The vast majority of Canadian consumers have shopped online,” said Josh Harding. VP of Global Operations for RetailMeNot Inc.

“Yet, with three in four still shopping primarily in-store, our research of more than 10,000 consumers in 11 countries shows Canadian consumers have yet to embrace online shopping at the levels of consumers in the UK and Germany. That behaviour is consistent with Canadians looking for deals and discounts offline in their weekly flyers versus online.”

Check out some other interesting stats revealed by the study:

  • Canadian men are more likely than women to shop primarily online, either through retailers’ e-commerce website and/or on their mobile device.
  • 4 per cent of Canadian respondents look for deals and offers primarily through social media.
  • Quebec has the highest percentage of those surveyed who never buy online.
  • QR Codes suck: Internationally only 12 per cent of respondents have used a QR code to find out more about a product.
  • 28 per cent of Canadians primarily look for coupons and vouchers in the newspaper or mail.


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