has emerged as one of the best online sources for life-improving tips and tricks.

As part of the Gawker empire, Lifehacker has distinguished itself by providing undeniably useful information minus much of the quintessential Gawker Media sass.

While a large segment of its content is tech-related, Lifehacker is not lacking in hacks, DIYs and articles geared toward homeowners and renters. From uber-efficient home dusting to streak free windows, we compiled nine of our favorite tip sheets, DIY projects and sound advice found on Lifehacker. Happy hacking!

The pool noodle barge
pool noodle Perfect for those summer pool parties, this hack for a homemade beverage barge is sure to satisfy thirsty swimmers everywhere who just can’t be bothered to get out of the pool. It’s too cold out there anyway!

It will require you to sacrifice one of your pool noodles, but the result is well worth it.

The floating desk workspace
lifehacker floating desk workspace Never stub your toe again with this DIY desk suspended from the ceiling with plumbing pipe. If your design style is industrial with shades of quirkiness and minimalism, this might just be for you.

Live longer: test smoke alarms with real smoke
smoke alarm A literal hot tip! Pro Lifehackers know that simply pressing the “test” button is an insufficient test of your smoke alarm’s mettle. Grab a couple matches and blow them out under the alarm to see if it’s actually in good working order.

Hate streaky windows? Clean them with black tea
lifehacker streaky windows Windex smells funny and not everyone likes to use chemicals all around the house. Black tea works well as a natural window cleaner due to the presence of tannins and high acidity. Just brew a strong cup of black tea, pour it into a spray bottle and go to town.

The best windows to open to keep your house cool
keep your house cooler Whether you’re living air conditioning free or just want to save some money on your electricity bill, this article will help you determine which windows are best to open to keep your home cool. Hint: It’s not every single one of them.

The value maximizing home reno
renovations Experienced house flippers know what upgrades get you the most bang for your renovation buck, but do you? The kitchen renovation tops the list while the pool addition is number one on the not worthwhile list. See what else you should and shouldn’t do here.

How to fix common household appliance problems
household problems If you’re having appliance problems, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but a broken dish washer ain’t one.

Become the world’s most efficient duster
dusting Of all the mundane household chores, dusting might be the mundane-est. The trick to getting it done quickly and efficiently according to this article is to dust in a circular pattern around the room. Begin working from the perimeter and continue to spiral inwards until your room is spotless.

Save money when your lock yourself out
keyme app Even members of Mensa are prone to locking themselves out of their homes. KeyMe, an iOS app, keeps a detailed scan of your keys on file so you can easily order duplicates and provide details to a locksmith so the poor fellow doesn’t have to take a battering ram to your door.

We hope your enjoyed our list of best real estate hacks! We’re constantly roaming Lifehacker for life-altering tips, so stay tuned for another list soon.

All images courtesy of Lifehacker.

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