Yelp reviews that mention 'pricey' in Toronto

Yelp now offers more than flippant reviews of dog grooming operations and tanning salons. Earlier this week the service introduced WordMap, which takes keywords from online reviews and visualizes how often those terms are used in a given area with a heat map.

WordMap currently covers 11 US cities as well as London, Paris and Toronto. Keywords are also limited at this point, but there are a few handy selections, including pricey, tourist and hipster.

If you’re looking to spend big bucks in Manhattan, here’s what a ‘pricey’ search yields in New York.

New york yelp wordmap pricey

Conversely,  there are the ‘cheap’ neighbourhoods in Austin (although to be fair, when it comes to online reviews, cheap can mean a couple of things).

Austin yelp wordmap cheap

It’s also fun to look at how two words may or may not correlate. In San Francisco there seems to be a connection between ‘hipster’ and ‘PBR’ (Pabst Blue Ribbon).


San Francisco yelp wordmap hipster


San Francisco yelp wordmap pbr

While the ‘yuppie’ areas and ‘hipster’ havens in Los Angeles could not be more far apart.


LA yelp wordmap yuppie


LA yelp wordmap hipster

‘View’ and ‘tourist’ in Toronto have a few spots in common.


Toronto yelp wordmap view


Toronto yelp wordmap tourist

And in Chicago, there’s something to be said of reviews that mention ‘BYOB’ or ‘hangovers.’


Chicage yelp wordmap byob


Chicage yelp wordmap hangover

It’s a fun service that stereotypes neighborhoods almost as well as this map does. Give Yelp’s WordMap a whirl here.

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