Cube Cities urban growth 3d renderings

Photos are great, but there’s nothing that captures nearly 300 years of urban growth quite like an animated 3D rendering.

Using real estate data and Google Earth, Cube Cities has created a series of videos that show North American skylines grow from farmland to sprawling metropolises beginning in the the 19th century.

Calgary 1892 – 2016

Midtown Manhattan 1850s – 2010s

Toronto 1845 – 2016

“Using next generation 3D mapping technology and a patent pending ‘verticoding’ process and database, we’re out to change the way people view commercial and residential real estate, rentals, travel, geospatial and other information across any urban landscape,” Cube Cities explains on their website.

So far there are only a handful of video renderings, but if you have a Google Earth plugin, you can explore Cube Cities’ ultra-cool 3D maps, which include dozens of cities and allow you to click on any building to find out structural information such as height, square footage and the year it was built.

Via Fast Company

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