Toronto might not have centuries of history visible on its streets. Despite this, many of the city’s homes have been around for a century or more. We thought we’d show off a bit of this history and combed through the archives to bring you our first Google Street view tour of Toronto homes, then and now.


The Roxborough Street home of Eli Whaley, who founded Whaley, Royce & Co. Ltd., which manufactured musical instruments. Known as ‘Canada’s Greatest Music House,’ the company also published and printed sheet music. This photo was taken in 1906.

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The house today.

Beaconsfield House

The Beaconsfield home of George Edward Alexander Robinson (at right) in 1905.

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The houses, after a bright paint job, a new overhang over the front porches and some landscaping.

Foxley St.

A skinny semi in the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood in 1912.

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The home today, minus the shutters (centre, with red brick and brown trim).


A house in the Kingsway neighbourhood in the west end, in 1936.

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Though a few of the trees from the front lawn are gone, the house looks remarkably the same.

All photos are from the Toronto Public Library’s Digital Archives.

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