What’s better than an ocean view? How about a 360-degree ocean view — the best feature of any home completely encircled by water. And when it gets super hot out, a cool breeze off the briny deep is far better than air conditioning. That’s why we’re taking a look at the top 7 floating homes.

If the water it floats on is too cold, occupants of this Finnish sauna raft need only to go inside the structure to warm up.

Floating homes - sauna raft

Floating homes - sauna raft interior Photos: Facebook

The relatively reasonably priced Osros floating Island ($4.5 million) has six bedrooms and space for 12 residents and up to four staff members.

Floating hotel yacht Photo: Orsos Island

The “Tropical Island Paradise” is a 295-foot super-yacht with its own volcano that spews out water which then trickles down into the swimming pool. The most refreshing lava flow ever.

floating homes - tropical island paradise Photo: Yacht Island Design

Being surrounded by water doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a sense of community. Amsterdam’s Ijburg neighbourhood is comprised entirely of floating homes.

floating homes - water rowhomes Amsterdam
floating homes - water rowhomes Amsterdam-1 Photos: Arch Daily

The buoyant cabin in Lake Huron fits in perfectly with its majestic surroundings.

floating hosue - Lake Huron Photo: ZeoSpot

While not exactly floating, a house on the River Drina near the town of Bajina Basta in Serbia has been balancing on top of a rock for 45 years. Points for durability and longevity.

floating house - Serbian Home Photo: My Modern Met

We love the floating house in Amsterdam’s Amstel River for its futuristic design and floor-to-ceiling windows that look out on the water. Also, the structure’s rounded corners will double as a pretty fun slide in the summer.

Floating homes - water house amsterdam


Photo: House-Reviews

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