Most skylines are famous for one or two iconic buildings, and it’s nearly impossible to imagine these cities without their standout structures. But, believe it or not, Paris existed before the Eiffel Tower and the tallest building in New York prior to the completion of the Chrysler Building (which preceded the Empire State Building by 11 months) was the Trump Building. So let’s celebrate some of the world’s greatest architectural marvels with photos from their infancy.

Space Needle, Seattle (completed 1961)

Space needle seattle constructionPhoto: Wikimedia

Space needle seattle construction-1Photo: VintageSeattle

Space NeedlePhoto: Seattle Municipal Archives/Flickr

Eiffel Tower, Paris (completed 1889)

Eiffel Tower construction-1

Eiffel-Tower-constructionPhotos: CommentExpress

Eiffel TowerPhoto: TaylorMiles/Flickr

CN Tower, Toronto (completed 1976)

CN Tower construction

CN Tower construction-1Photos: Skyscraper Page

CN TowerPhoto: kevbo1983/Flickr

Empire State Building, New York City (completed 1931)

Empire State Building construction

Photo: Design You Trust

Empire State Building construction

Photo: Wikimedia

Empire State BuildingPhoto: Thomas Hawk/Flickr

Sydney Opera House, Sydney (completed 1973)

Sydney Opera House constructionPhoto: Skyscraper Page

Sydney Opera HousePhoto: Vermin Inc/Flickr

Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City (completed 1893)

Chateau Frontenac constructionPhoto: Wikimedia

Chateau FrontenacPhoto: Eric Bégin/Flickr

Transamerica Pyramid, San Francisco (completed 1972)

Transamerica Pyramid construction

Transamerica Pyramid construction-1Photos: ImageKind

Transamerica PyramidPhoto: imgur

Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver (the third and final incarnation of the Hotel Vancouver was completed in 1939)

Hotel Vancouver constructionPhoto: City of Vancouver Archives

Hotel VancouverPhoto: BuzzBuzzHome/Instagram

Chrysler Building, New York City (completed 1930)

Chrystlar buildng

Photo: WiredNewYork

Chrysler BuildingPhoto: joiseyshowaa/Flickr

Willis Tower, Chicago (completed 1973)

Willis Tower construction

Willis Tower construction-1Photos: Skyscraper Page

Willis TowerPhoto: Pat Hawks/Flickr

Capitol Building, Washington (new dome construction completed in 1863)

Capitol Building constructionPhoto:

Capitol BuildingPhoto: VinothChandar/Flickr

 Calgary Tower, Calgary (completed 1968)

Calgary Tower constructionPhoto:

Calgary TowerPhoto: k.mckeown/Flickr

Theme Building, Los Angeles (completed 1961)

Theme building constructionTheme building construction-1Photos: SoCalHistory

Theme BuildingPhoto: Thomas Hawk/Flickr

Bank of America Plaza, Dallas (completed 1985)

Bank of America Plaza constructionPhoto: Flickr

Bank of America Plaza

Olympic Stadium, Montreal (completed 1976)

Olympic Stadium Montreal constructionPhotos: Skyscraper Page

Olympic StadiumPhoto: meantux/Flickr

Burj Khalifa, Dubai (completed 2010)

Burj constructionPhoto: Wikimedia

Burj KhalifaPhoto: yowalid/Flickr

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