Duke CondosIt’s no secret that The Junction is one of the most dynamic parts of the city with a thriving commercial strip and a tight-knit community ethos. DUKE Condos, a new mid-rise building that will be located just west of Dundas Street West and Keele Street, will give residents a front seat to all the neighbourhood happenings.

TAS will integrate retail and work/live spaces into the structure so that the project will be better integrated into its surroundings. There’s so much going on, we figured we had to pinpoint all the local perks that make the Junction a great place to move to now.

Here’s our top ten:

1. Bike lane love
Locals who prefer to get around town on two wheels will appreciate the Annette Street bike lane, which eventually turns into the Dupont bike lane at Old Weston Road (meaning you can stay in the comfort of your own lane from the west end all the way to the downtown). Plus, the West Toronto Railpath, just east of the area, is a surprisingly leafy path that stretches all the way from Dupont to Dundas and Sterling Road.

2. Beer Boon
The neighbourhood’s industrial past makes it particularly hospitable to the city’s burgeoning craft beer scene. Though the neighbourhood was dry until 2000, its post-temperance life now features two small batch brewers: the Indie Alehouse on Dundas Street West and Junction Craft Brewing off of Old Weston Road.

3. Dining Destinations
Some of the buzziest restaurants in Toronto have found a home in the area. The Farmhouse Tavern on Dupont Street topped countless “Best of” lists and Playa Cabana Cantina is a hit for those looking to spice up their life. Beyond that, the neighourhood’s dining scene continues to expand and diversify with everything from rugged smokehouses to stylish bistros setting up shop.

4. One-of-a-kind Treasures
Both Dundas and Keele are home to salvage shops, antique stores and independent furniture retailers. If you need a new book shelf or want a lamp that no one else in the world has, you’ll find it here.

5. A Festive Spirit
The neighbourhood knows how to throw a get-together. Whether it’s the Junction Design Crawl, a summer street festival or neighbourhood businesses embracing the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival, there’s always something happening at a community level.

6. Heritage Architecture
There are a number of stand out buildings within the area including a whole row of century-old Gothic churches and the Annette Street Library (one of the few remaining Carnegie Libraries in the Toronto). The entire streetscape is steeped in history. Many of the Victorian-era brick storefronts even have their building dates etched into them, maintaining the neighbourhood’s clear connection to the past.

7. High Park haunts
The well-loved park is directly south of the neighbourhood, making it all the easier to go for a morning jog or bike ride among the trees.

8. Bakery Bonanza
If you feel like carbo-loading, your options are endless. There’s old stalwarts such as the Malta Bake Shop and Solero Mediterranean Bakery and comparative newbies such as Bunner’s Bake Shop and Sweet Trolley Bakery. Oh and then there’s the Pie Shack which is wholly devoted to, you guessed it, pies.

9. Creative Spaces
Whether you want to check out a new exhibit or create your own piece of art, The Junction has you covered. Above Ground Art Supplies stocks all the materials you could ever need while the Narwhal Gallery is an intimate space for seeing the work of contemporary artists. If you want to pick up a new creative skill, Wise Daughters and ARTiculations both offer workshops in everything from crocheting to life drawing.

10. Farm Fresh
For foodies looking for fresh, local produce, the Junction Famers’ Market runs Saturday mornings from late May to early November.

There’s a regular Friday movie night and Flea Market coming up in the neighbourhood too! More details on that are forthcoming.

 For more information contact 416 800 7738 or duke@junctionlife.ca

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